I was only able to do about four weeks with Steve but it was a transformative four weeks. We worked on portraits with graphite and other then developing an understanding for the medium he teaches you about design and stylization as well as how to properly document and color correct your work which has been super helpful in all of my work today. He puts in a lot of work outside of class and pushes you to figure out what the hell you’re doing with your work. This was major for me as we looked at art history and contemporary artists and broke down their work. This really got my mind going and pushed my work to another level.

An innovative way to learn art. Steve's teaching is tailored to your needs and it's really refreshing to have a teacher that takes your objectives into account. There is a lot of emphasis on the process, on the methods that Steve has developed over the years, and how you can incorporate that into your own drawings. If you are looking for a personalized art course, I really recommend this one!

Steve's approach of tailoring classes to my personal artistic goals was unique and very much needed. He is a very open and attentive listener, quite generous with honest, constructive feedback and skilled at motivation. Whenever I found myself stuck Steve would help me problem solve my process and I would find myself right back on track. He is very clear and thorough in his instruction and feedback, written or otherwise. Part of that is due to the way he organizes and structures information. I appreciate that everything is documented and archived as it makes tracking progress easier.

Steve has taught me so much in such a short amount of time with his more personal approach to teaching. My fundamentals improved drastically, I’ve learned new methods in both digital and analogue applications, and most importantly can now appreciate the process of creating rather than solely focusing on results. He helps me stay motivated by providing solid critiques, demos, and help with anything whenever I need it. I can’t recommend Steve as a teacher enough.

This is a great course that you can't find on any other platform or in any academic institution. The biggest advantage of studying with Steve is his personalized style of teaching. He teaches every student differently based on each student's level and interests. Whether you've only drawn a stick figure, or you've studied art for years, Steve will customize a curriculum for you that will give you the insight and skills required to become better at art.

The program focuses on making a personalized learning based on the student’s skills and goals, which has helped me a ton in becoming a better artist overall. Steve is understanding, attentive to what I need and feel is the most appropriate for me to improve. Whenever I have a concern or question, he patiently answers them based on his years of experience in the field. Steve’s demos and critiques are much more practical and insightful compared to what the generic art programs offer. So far I can see great progress with myself and my peers who are also taking his course.


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